Pauline Faieff, « faepaulinee », neither a model nor a photographer. I am a passionate French artist based in Martinique (French West Indies) who cannot be strictly defined who plays with creativity and nudity. Sometimes art director, sometimes muse, I draw my own vision about nudity by mixing sensuality and femininity. I visualise an idea and collaborate with those who can help me to bring it to life.

❝ My body, my choices, my art Girls should never be afraid to be free.

Through my art I want to share the image of a woman free in her body and in her mind who wishes to counter the dictates of society on art and beauty through nudity and sensuality.


All the creative and artistic choices are a work elaborated in duality by Pauline and the photographers. Here are some of their work; selfportraits, portraits …


« NFT » means a non-fungible token.

It is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of real-world items like art. NFTs use the same blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrencies, but they’re not a currency.

NFTs collections

« Pauline’s Art »



This is my first ever NFT collection of 21 photographs, here you can find some of my favorite ones some are published on my Instagram and others are exclusively sold here.

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« A little part of me »


12/21 pieces available

A Little Part of Me is an intimate collection of 21 pieces with 20 1/1 photographs and 1 video where the elements of life that I love most are mixed together; nature, freedom, love and sensuality.

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« Butterfly effect »


1/4 pieces available

A collection of 4 1/1 photographs where the natural light dresses me with its brightness. I often think of all the past events that allowed me to make such photographs and all the future events that will follow, the butterfly effect.

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« Wild in the city » edition



« Wild in the city » was captured at the crazy NFT NYC 2022 edition, a mix of urban jungle and female body against the backdrop of noise pollution in the city that never sleeps.

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« the NYC jungle »


8/9 pieces available

This collection if we hadn’t named it “the NYC Jungle” it would be called “Take the risk or lose the chance”, if only a few words were to describe it, they would be: Audacity, Adrenaline, Perseverance, Determination, Team, Sharing and Will.

A 1/1 collection of 9 photographs taken during the NFT NYC in June 2022.

Behind each shot, a story, a moment of life and a risk.

Pauline & Gregg

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« SELF-LOVE » edition


46/50 pieces available

Put some glitter in your life and shine.

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« Shades of blue »


6/7 pieces available

The relationship between the sky and the sea, the shades of blue that intertwine like two sisters who love each other.

Model: Pauline Faieff
Photographer: Victoria Faieff


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« Terracotta »


1/1 piece

When the woman’s body meets nature playing with shades of warm colors, Terracotta, a terribly enviable color.

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Exclusive content

« Discover me & my art through exclusive content that I create just for you. »